Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö


PO box:
PL 20
00521 Helsinki

Kellosilta 7
00520 Helsinki
oaj (at ) oaj.fi (general matters)
jasenrekisteri (at) oaj.fi  (membership matters, union dues)
firstname.lastname (at) oaj.fi  (personal e-mail addresses)
verkkopalvelu (at) oaj.fi  (problems with OAJ's web)
For members
If you need information on membership check these pages: Membership
On membership matters contact Membership services, jasenrekisteri@oaj.fi
If you need to ask about your employment, wages and such, call: 020 748 9780
Other times:
Monday 10:00–11:00 and 14:00–16:00
Tuesday to thursday 9:00–11:00 and 14:00–16:00
Friday 9:00–11:00 and 14:00–15:00
If you need legal advice, call: 020 748 9788
Other times
Monday–Friday 10:00–11:00 and 14:00–15:00
When calling on OAJ numbers, the call rates charged by teleoperators are as follows:
calls from fixed-line telephones in Finland: 8,35 cent per call + 6,55 cnt per minute
calls from Finnish mobile subscriptions: 8,35 cent per call + 18,05 cnt per minute.
Even queueing costs.
For media
Director of Communications (until 31.12.2017) Heikki Pölönen 
p. 020 7489 695
Chief of Communications Heikki Sahlman
p. 040 562 4510
Web Communications Manager Heikki Pölönen
p. 020 7489 695

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