Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö

Decision making in OAJ

The highest decision-making OAJ body is the Council. Its 150 members are elected by union vote for four years.

The Council convenes an­nually for a spring and an autumn meeting and, if necessary, in connection with labour-market negotiations. The Executive Board meets once a month. All teacher groups are represented in the Council and in the Executive Board in pro­portion to their membership.

Several committees and working groups act as drafting bodies in OAJ’s decision-making pro­cess. The union is carrying out extensive training in organizational matters and the safeguarding of interests, aimed at consolidating the compe­tence of local and regional organizations. In par­ticular, young teachers are being trained with a view to activating their interest in union business.
Different teacher groups maintain their own fo­rums for discussion and decision-making, and their own pedagogic associations. They draft opinions for OAJ’s decision-making bodies and arrange seminars and training courses for their own members.
The Council elects the President of the uni­on, who is in charge of operations and the offi­ce on a full-time basis.
OAJ’s activities are financed by a membership fee amounting to about 1.2 per cent of members’ gross salaries. Subscriptions to trade unions are tax-deductible in Finland.