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Indoor air problems

Maintenance of indoor air health and safety
Moisture and mould damage is the main reason for poor indoor air quality in homes and workplaces. Other indoor air impurities or faulty air conditioning also cause symptoms and health problems. 
Every user of a building is obligated to report their observations to the supervisor of their workplace.
The employer is responsible for healthy work spaces
Employers are under a general duty to exercise care, and they are required to take care of the safety and health of their employees while at work. Employers must design and choose the measures necessary for improving working conditions as well as decide the extent of the measures and put them into practice. Employers must also continuously monitor the working environment, the state of the working community and the safety of the work practices.
What steps should you take if you suspect that there are indoor air problems or moisture damage at your workplace?
  • Inform your immediate supervisor. Upon receiving the information, your supervisor is obligated to take action.
  • The supervisor will contact his/her own supervisor, the building maintenance personnel and, if necessary, the health and environmental safety inspector and building inspector.
  • Also be sure to contact your OSH representative, who will provide you with more information on the procedures to follow.
  • If you begin to have symptoms that you believe are caused by the indoor air at your workplace, visit your occupational health-care provider, where both you and your supervisor will receive assistance and advice.
  • If necessary, a doctor will provide you with a certificate entitling you to sick leave, as well as a referral for more detailed examinations, e.g. by a specialist physician, or for occupational diseases. Such examinations require a commitment to pay from an insurance company.
  • If the matter is not moving forward locally, you can contact the regional labour protection authorities (Regional State Administrative Agency, area of occupational safety and health), who will investigate and supervise the actions taken by the employer.