Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö

Integration Compass

OAJ’s proposals for the integration of immigrants

The Trade Union of Education in Finland OAJ sees internationality and multiculturalism as part of Finnish society and as an enriching component in the lives of Finnish people. That is why we have for years emphasized that education is the best integration policy. Even though it is a widely known and recognized fact, we still think Finland has not been able to take enough concrete measures to promote integration. That is why OAJ has devised the Integration Compass.
Under Finland’s constitution, all pre-primary- and comprehensive-school-age children are entitled to receive free basic education even if they do not live in the municipality permanently or the municipality is not their home municipality. OAJ emphasizes that immigrants of all ages need to gain access to education services as soon as possible after their arrival to ensure that integration begins immediately. Competent teachers want to work toward the goal of giving every person who arrives access to education and working life.
OAJ’s Integration Compass provides methods for better integration of children, youth and adults from immigrant backgrounds. Language acquisition is an important factor in all education. Everyone should be provided with sufficient pedagogical support for learning. Teachers’ multicultural competence also needs reinforcement.