Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö

Membership benefits

OAJ members are entitled to numerous direct financial benefits, including discounts on certain purchases and payments upon presentation of a membership card. The card can be replaced on application to the OAJ membership register if found to be damaged or to contain errors or if it is lost.

Members are entitled to receive help and advice from an OAJ-trained shop steward or an expert advisor from the OAJ office in matters concerning their work or conditions of employment.

The principal benefits include:

Protection of an employee’s interests

This usually means the services of an OAJ-trained shop steward who works alongside teachers and is acquainted with the local regulations, requirements and contracts and with conditions at local schools or other places of work, but it is also possible to contact other teachers acting as union representatives or the chairmen of local OAJ branches. The majority of difficulties can be resolved through discussions with these people. Their contact information can be found on workplace notice boards and in OAJ announcements or web pages (in Finnish).

The OAJ Protection of Interests department is prepared to step in when a matter cannot be settled at the local level. Once a dispute over salaries or working conditions has been discussed locally with the shop steward, it may in some cases be advisable to refer it to the OAJ’s labour market counsellor or to contact an OAJ lawyer directly in the case of legal problems.
All OAJ members are insured with the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund, contributions to which are included in the OAJ union dues.  Application may be made to this fund in the event of becoming unemployed. In matters concerned with unemployment benefits or job sharing compensation please consult: http://www.opetk.fi (in Finnish), Opetk.fi> English (in English)
All the unemployment funds in Finland belong to the Joint Association of Unemployment Funds, the web pages of which provide information on daily unemployment benefits and other payments obtainable from these funds, such as re-training grants, job sharing compensation, training allowances and study grants for the long-term unemployed (see  http://www.tyj.fi/eng/ ).
OAJ has taken out a number of excellent insurance policies on behalf of its members, the costs of which are included in the union dues. Each member’s own insurance number is to be found on the membership card. These insurances apply to members who are under 68 years of age.
The OAJ insurances are with Turva Insurance Company.
Union Insurance 
  • Leisure-time accident insurance for accidents not covered under any legal obligation
  • Travel insurance covering leisure-time journeys up to a maximum duration of 45 days
  • Luggage insurance covering damage to the traveller’s baggage caused by a sudden, unforeseeable event (beyond the first 130 euros)
Professional liability and legal protection insurance with Turva Insurance Company 
The liability insurance covers damage to persons or goods in connection with the member’s work. In the event of such a claim, please contact the OAJ lawyer.
The legal protection insurance covers legal costs arising from disputes or criminal charges connected with administrative procedures or applications of administrative law in matters concerned with the member’s work. In the event of needing legal protection, please contact the OAJ lawyer.
Union security insurance with Turva Insurance Company
OAJ has insured its members with respect to damage to persons or goods in connection with meetings or courses arranged by OAJ itself or its local branches.
Claims should be addressed to the OAJ office.
For conditions, see the Summary of OAJ Insurance Benefits with Turva (pdf), or for more detailed information the Turva Mutual Insurance Company’s website  www.turva.fi/OAJ (in Finnish). These pages are intended for OAJ members.
Opettaja magazine
The principal Finnish-language magazine for the teaching profession in Finland, Opettaja (“The Teacher”) comes out in 22 issues per year and is posted to members’ homes. It also exists in an electronic version, accessible at   www.opettaja.fi (in Finnish).
Recreational services 
Also open to members are excellent recreational and holidaying opportunities, including facilities at many Holiday Club destinations throughout Finland and OAJ’s own holiday centre at Valkeala. OAJ also has discount arrangements with several other providers of holiday and accommodation services.
For details of holiday destinations, vacancies and reservations, see the OAJ membership website (in Finnish).
Other benefits
Details of the many other benefits that OAJ offers its members can be found on its membership website (in Finnish).