Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö

Education and policies

All decisions in educational policy affect the position and working conditions of teachers and the status of the teaching profession. OAJ acti­vely influences educational policies, and plays its part in improving education nationally, regio­nally and locally.
OAJ exerts influence on educational legisla­tion, the laying down of guidelines for educatio­nal policies, teacher training, the fundamental principles of teaching programmes and other educational issues concerning the content of teaching by maintaining close cooperation with Parliament, the Ministries, Finnish National Agency for Education, provincial departments of education, various teacher education institutes, and resear­chers at universities and other tertiary-educati­on establishments.
The objective of its active involvement in educational policies is to consolidate the sta­tus of education and training in the communi­ty and to ensure sufficient financial and human resources for education. The aim is to promote the interests and status of teachers as part of the development of education, and to transfer the teachers’ expertise and experience to social decision-making.
In support of these efforts, OAJ has established a wide cooperation network with various organizations engaged in work among children and young persons, and with parents’ associations. It gives its opinion, offers statements, carries out research, and compiles reports and other publications for its members and political decision-makers in support of decisions concerning educational policies.