Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö

OAJ conducts negotiations

OAJ is the only employee organization to conduct negotiations on employment condi­tions, such as salaries and working hours, concerning all teachers.
Finnish legislation requires the employee and employer central federations mutually to agree several labour market-related matters. The Government may participate in collective bargaining by adjusting its taxation policies to the cost level of the concluded agreements, for example.
In practice, OAJ membership includes all persons employed in pedagogic po­sitions in the teaching and education sector. The agreements are concluded in the name of the Public Sector Negotiation Commission (JUKO).
OAJ negotiates on the national level with each employer group, and formulates universally binding, separate employment contracts. There are 14 agreement sectors in total. The terms of employment of each individual teacher group are agreed separately, and vary from group to group.
OAJ also operates on the regional and local levels. The teacher associations and local uni­on representatives agree on locally negotiable matters concerning salaries and other aspects of the teachers’ situation and working conditions and ensure that agreements are upheld. Local shop stewards endeavour to resolve disputes concerning teachers’ terms of employment. If some matter cannot be resolved, the OAJ Offi­ce offers support either to the shop steward or directly to the teacher.
The teachers OAJ represents by education sector
The majority of teachers in the different fields are local-authority employees, although OAJ members also work in state educational institutions, and in private schools and day-care centres.