Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö

Occupational safety and health co-operation

The OSH representatives represent the organisation’s personnel in occupational safety and health co-operation. They negotiate on matters and changes affecting health, safety and well-being at work with the employer’s representatives. Their tasks also include negotiating on how hazards are evaluated and addressed.
In all education workplaces, at least the following matters are dealt with co-operatively by employers and employees:
  1. Matters concerning the safety and health of the employees, and any changes affecting these.
  2. Principles for identifying hazards and problems and the manner in which they are identified. In addition, any issues that arise while these matters are identified or which have come to light in the workplace report that is drawn up by the occupational health-care provider are also discussed. Factors that generally influence employee safety and health are also discussed jointly.
  3. Development targets and programmes related to activities that maintain employees’ ability to work, support continuing at work and influence the safety and health of employees.
  4. Arranging and measuring work that influences employees’ safety, health and ability to work, as well as matters related to essential changes made thereto.
  5. Occupational safety and health training for employees, the need for guidance and induction and related arrangements.
  6. Statistics and other monitoring data illustrating work safety and health pertaining to work, the work environment and the state of the work community.
  7. The implementation of and follow-up on the impacts of these matters is also dealt with.