Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö

Permanent employment relationships

Under Finnish law, public offices and positions are usually valid for an indefinite period, meaning they are permanent employment relationships. Permanent employment continues until one of the parties terminates the employment relationship.
Submitting notice of resignation
When a person who was hired permanently submits notice of resignation, the period of notice is determined according to the length of the person’s employment.
The period of notice is determined by the employment relationship
Public servant or employee
Length of employment  Period of notice
no more than 5 years    at least 14 days
More than 5 years      1 month
Hired by municipal council   2 months
State civil servant
Length of employment      
Period of notice
Permanent public service employment  usually 1 month
No more than 1 year  14 days
more than 10 years      2 months

Employment terminated by the employer
The period of notice is determined by the length of employment also if it is the employer who terminates a permanent public service or employment relationship.
Consecutive duration of permanent employment relationship Period of notice
No more than 1 year 14 days
1–4 years 1 month
4–8 years 2 months
8–12 years 4 months
more than 12 years 6 months