Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö

Safeguarding teachers' interests internationally

OAJ is safeguarding teachers´ global interests as a member of Education International (EI), which is the largest single worldwide organization co­vering an individual sector.
On the European level, OAJ is an active mem­ber of ETUCE, the European Trade Union Commit­tee for Education, which is the official social part­ner for education in the European Union. ETUCE influences EU decisions concerning the educa­tional sector on a wide front. EI is, through ETU­CE, also active on the European scene.
OAJ is a member of NLS, the Nordic Teachers´ Council. Because of the similarities between the teachers´ organizations in the Nordic Countries and their memberships, the cooperation extends to all matters to do with teaching.
OAJ is engaged in joint development pro­jects in Africa aimed at consolidating the natio­nal activities and status of teachers in the target country. It is committed to the implementation of the “Education for All” initiative.