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Psychosocial and physical violence
Situations involving violence affect employees’ well-being and ability to perform and cope at work, even though only a small percentage of situations result in physical injury. The consequences can include fatigue, fear, feelings of helplessness and terror, and a lack of enjoyment at work.
If you are the target of psychosocial or physical violence at your workplace:
  • Immediately report the incident to your supervisor.
  • Visit your occupational health-care provider or otherwise seek expert help from a health-care provider.
  • Contact your OSH representative or shop steward and report the incident.
  • File a police report or request an investigation after the situation has been assessed.
  • Convene the school’s student welfare services working group or crisis team.
  • Discuss the matter in your work community.
Clear guidelines help manage violent situations
The guidelines must include:
  • instructions for the entire work community and for special situations
  • induction and guidance, drills
  • the necessary safety arrangements and safety gear
  • calling for help and the arrival of help, system testing
  • a system for following-up on violent situations
  • a monitoring procedure for threatening and violent situations