Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö

The Ethical Committee

The Ethical Committee for the Teaching Profession is an independent national body which aims to promote the discussion of ethical matters connected with teaching and meets as required to discuss and produce statements of opinion on particular issues that arise in this field.

The committee is now in its third term of office, which began in January 2011 and will continue until December 2014.
Members of the Ethical Committee

Arno Kotro, teacher, chair
Jaana Hallamaa, co-chair
Mirjam Kalland, rector
Jaakko Heinimäki, theologian
Jouni Välijärvi, professor
Lauri Kurvonen, secretary
Personal backgrounds of the members

Jaana Hallamaa
Jaana Hallamaa is professor of social ethics at the University of Helsinki and has acted as an expert advisor in this field as a member and vice-chairman of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity, as vice-chairman of the National Advisory Board on Social Welfare and Health Care Ethics and as a member of the Council for the Mass Media in Finland.
She has produced a number of upper secondary school textbooks of philosophy and ethics in close collaboration with teachers and has been awarded the Eino Kaila Prize for excellent in teaching by the University of Helsinki. In 2013 she was elected a founding member of the Teachers' Academy at her university.

Mirjam Kalland
Mirjam Kalland is the Swedish School of Social Science Rector, is a child psychotherapist, has a doctorate in education and is adjunct professor in social work and family research at the University of Helsinki and in music education at the Sibelius Academy.
As an educationalist she has specialized in observing the bonds between parents and their children, and has studied topics such as early interaction between parents and a handicapped child and various protective and risk factors connected with children’s development and parenthood.
Alongside her research she has worked as a child psychotherapist and has provided training and advice in this field. She has published numerous scientific papers and general articles and has been active as a columnist in magazines.
Arno Kotro
Mr. Arno Kotro is a teachers of philosophy, psychology  and ethics in upper secondary school and in  upper secondary school for adults. He teaches ethics also in secondary school level.
Mr. Arno Kotro has been a columnist in Opettaja- magazine ( Teacher ) and in the biggest Finnish newspaper- Helsingin Sanomat. In his articles he has written mainly about education and school issues. During the years 2008- 2010 he lead discussion program in TV where education and school issues were in the main role.
Mr. Arno Kotro has together with a team written a secondary school  textbook on philosophy. OAJ-trade Union of Education in Finland has rewarded Mr. Arno Kotro with OAJ-medal.
Jaakko Heinimäki
Jouni Välijärvi
Constitution of the Ethical Committee for the Teaching Profession

1. Name 
The name of the committee shall be the Ethical Committee for the Teaching Profession.

2. Purpose 
The purpose of the committee is to promote the implementation of ethical principles in teaching.

3. Functions 
The committee shall formulate opinions and issue statements on ethical matters connected with the teaching profession as requested by the governing board of the Trade Union of Education in Finland or its members, the authorities or other employers in the field of education, parents or students.
It may also make public statements on ethical matters concerned with teaching after consultation with the governing board of the Trade Union of Education in Finland and issue warnings in cases of unethical conduct. The committee shall meet when necessary for fulfilling its declared purpose.

4. Members 
The board of the Trade Union of Education in Finland shall invite five (5) citizens of good repute to be members of the Ethical Committee for a term of four (4) calendar years at a time. There is no limit on the number of such terms for which a member can serve.
The committee shall choose a chairman from among its number to serve for the same term of four (4) years. A member may resign during the committee’s term of office, in which case the board of the Trade Union of Education in Finland shall select a new member to serve for the remainder of that term. The committee may make use of external advisors where necessary. The committee shall discuss all matter in full confidentiality.

5. Officials 
The board of the Trade Union of Education in Finland shall choose and employ a secretary for the Ethical Committee in consultation with the committee itself. The secretary shall also be obliged to treat all matters discussed by the committee in full confidentiality.
6. Documentation 
All documents appertaining to the Ethical Committee shall be regarded as confidential, The secretary shall be responsible for storing and archiving these documents.

7. Finance 
The committee will not have any finance of its own. The costs of its activities shall be met by the Trade Union of Education in Finland.

8. Alterations to this constitution 
The board of the Trade Union of Education in Finland may make alterations to this constitution in consultation with the Ethical Committee itself. An alteration may be proposed initially by either the board of the Trade Union or the Ethical Committee.