Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö

The Values lying behind a Teacher’s Professional Ethics

The basis underlying the ethical principles laid down here is the treatment of every person as a being of inherent worth. This implies that every child, pupil or student should be approached as a person capable of thinking and learning. The worth of a human being should be respected regardless of sex, sexual orientation, outward appearance, age, religion, social status, origins, opinions, skills or achievements.

Truthfulness is a central value in teaching, in which the teacher is engaged in guiding leaners in their encounters with their surroundings and with life itself. An inquiry-based approach to these things calls for frank discussion and a search for the truth. Honesty to oneself and to others and mutual respect in all interactions with other people form part of the foundation of a teacher's work.

lt is essential that fairness should prevail in all dealings with learners, as individuals   or  in  groups, and  in all  activities within the working community. Particular attention should be paid to the promotion of equality and impartiality and the avoidance of discrimination and favouritism. Fairness should also be exercised in the distribution of favours and burdens, in the handling of offences and conflicts and in the evaluation of learners.

Teachers are entitled to their own values and opinions, but they are bound in their teaching by the responsibilities of this undertaking and the norms that apply to it, e.g. the relevant legislation and the curriculum.