Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö

Union fees

The union fees, which are deductible from tax, are calculated monthly from each member’s gross earnings, i.e. basic salary together with all additional payments, bonuses etc.
The fees are normally deducted from the members’ salaries each month and paid over to OAJ by their employers.
Both the electronic membership application and the paper application form include an authorization for the employer to make this monthly deduction. Union fees are levied from the beginning of the month following the signing of the authorization.
Calculation of union fees
The union fees consist of the fees charged by the OAJ organization itself, the national, regional and local associations affiliated to it and any member associations that they may have. The total sum levied is on average about 1.2% of the member’s taxable earnings for the month in question.
If a teacher works at more than one school or college in a joint post or paid by the hour, the fees will be calculated based on his or her total earnings from this teaching work. In this case the member will have to hand in an authorization for deduction of the fees to each of the institutions where this work takes place, and should also send copies to the OAJ registry, which will send them instructions for making the payments.
If it is not possible for the employer to make the deductions, e.g. because of the small number of hours of teaching that the member has, or because of the number of employers, the member can pay the dues personally and ask the registry for bank giro forms for this purpose. 
Exceptional union fees
Members who are on leave from their position and are engaged in an occupation other than teaching should pay the union fees appropriate to that occupation, provided that the sum does not exceed what they would have been obliged to pay when in their teaching position.
Reductions in union fees
A reduction in union fees may be granted in the case of
  • leave of absence without any alternative income
  • unemployment
  • job sharing
  • unpaid leave for study or child care
  • time spent on an allowance from the National Pensions Institution or a pensions insurance company.
In such cases a flat rate of at least 8,50 euros per calendar month will be charged (the sum can vary according to the circumstances). The OAJ registry should be notified of any such changes of status by means of the appropriate form or to the  OAJ registry
A teacher not occupying a regular position who is temporarily unemployed (e.g. for the summer holidays) and engages in some other kind of work will be required to pay OAJ fees of at least 8,50 euros during that period (this, too, can vary according to circumstances). Again, notification should be made to the OAJ registry.
Members who have indicated that they wish to pay their OAJ fees themselves (i.e. those who are on leave of absence, maternity leave or job sharing leave or are unemployed) will be sent bank giro forms for the entire year by the OAJ registry in January.