Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö


Council elections in spring 2018

OAJ’s highest decision-making body is the Council. Its 150 members, as well as 150 deputy members, are elected by the union every four years. Every OAJ member who has the right to vote is eligible to stand as a candidate. The next Council elections will be held in spring 2018.
The search is currently on for people interested in running for office. Applications for candidacy can be submitted until the 15th of January. The forms (in Finnish) can be found on this page, under Vaaliasiakirjat ja -lomakkeet.
Voting will begin on the 19th of February.
Voting will take place either electronically and by ballot box, or only electronically.
In the following districts, voters can choose between voting electronically from 19 February–4 March 2018 or by ballot box from 26–27 March 2018:
Regional districts of the OAJ General Education Teachers (OAJ-YSI)
Central Finland (Keski-Suomi)
Lapland (Lappi)
Ostrobothnia (Pohjanmaa)
North Karelia (Pohjois-Karjala)
Helsinki region (Pääkaupunkiseutu)
Organisation of Swedish-speaking Teachers in Finland FSL 
National Associations of the OAJ Vocational Educators and Trainers (OAO)
Vocational Educators and Trainers  AO
Voting in the following districts will take place only electronically from 14–27 March 2018:
Regional districts of the OAJ General Education Teachers (OAJ-YSI)
South Savo (Etelä-Savo)
South Karelia (Etelä-Karjala)
Northern Ostrobothnia (Pohjois-Pohjanmaa)
North Savo (Pohjois-Häme)
Southwest Finland (Kaakkois-Suomi)
National Associations of the OAJ Vocational Educators and Trainers (OAO)
Trade Union for Adult Educators AKOL 
Society of Business Education Teachers in Finland SKO
Music Teachers’ Association in Finland SMOL
Managers and Special Advisors of Education MSAE (KEA)
LTOL Kindergarten Teachers' Union in Finland
YLL The Union for University Teachers and Researchers in Finland
Who can vote?
All members who have paid their membership fees and are members on 1 January 2018, with the exception of student and retired members, have the right to vote. Each eligible voting member has one vote, and voting by proxy is not permitted.
Electronic voting will take place on OAJ’s member site using either personal banking codes or separate single-use identifiers. More detailed instructions will be provided on this page closer to the election period.
Ballot box voting will take place in schools and in other locally agreed voting locations. The voting location will be determined according to employer and workplace/business location.
Check your contact and workplace details before voting!
Make sure that your contact and workplace details are up to date, both for the elections and for other communication purposes, by checking your personal details on OAJ’s member site in the section ‘Omat tiedot’. The section contains instructions (in Finnish) on how to update your information. All members who verify their personal details before 30th November will be entered in a draw for a chance to win one of three Jopo bicycles.
If you have any questions or would like additional information about the elections, please send an email to: valtuustovaalit2018@oaj.fi