Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö

Well-being at work

Well-being at work is the result of the combined efforts of management, supervisors, teachers and other personnel, as well as learners.
Teachers or supervisors in the education sector who thrive in their jobs are satisfied with their work, have the energy to perform their work to a high standard, can endure failures and are able to resolve conflicts.
Harassment or inappropriate treatment
Harassment or inappropriate treatment encountered by a teacher or principal when performing their work tasks or in their work environment must not be tolerated and must be reported to the supervisor. Supervisors, for their part, must intervene in such cases without delay.
If you feel you are being harassed or treated inappropriately at work, contact your occupational health-care provider, your labour protection representative for teachers and your shop steward.
Disclosure obligation
If a teacher, director or principal experiences harassment or inappropriate treatment at work that threatens their health, and the offender is another employee, or a supervisor, student or parent, the matter must first be discussed between the parties involved.
If the matter cannot be resolved through a discussion, or if a discussion is impossible due to the seriousness of the situation, the incident must be reported to the supervisor. Help is available from the occupational health-care provider and from the labour protection representative for teachers.

Submit a written report to your supervisor; an email is sufficient. The report must contain a detailed account of the inappropriate treatment: it must describe what happened, where and when it happened, and the parties involved. When the matter is being dealt with, notification can be given to the person suspected of the inappropriate behaviour. If there is nothing to report in writing, the matter cannot be taken forward. In that case, discuss the matter with your occupational health-care provider or your supervisor.
Your supervisor is obligated to look into the matter and take action as required.