OAJ has initiated an overtime and shift-trading ban in private day-care centres

The overtime and shift-trading ban initiated by OAJ in private day-care centres began today, 8 October. The ban is in protest of the Finnish government’s intentions to weaken employees’ protection against dismissal in small companies.

08.10.2018 News
OAJ initiates an overtime and shift-trading ban 8th of October - 10 questions and answers

OAJ is initiating an overtime and shift-trading ban in private day-care centres on Monday, 8 October at 00.01 a.m. The political protest is in response to the Finnish government’s plan to weaken protection against dismissal in small businesses. Negotiations Director Petri Lindroos explains the situation.

01.10.2018 News
Courage for the new school year!

The parliamentary elections to be held next spring will once again determine the direction of education, training and research, and that of publicly funded services. For that reason, this autumn and the coming winter will be a time for our sector to boldly exert its influence, says president Olli Luukkainen in his letter to OAJ-members.

01.08.2018 Blog
OAJ – a strong voice for teachers

Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö OAJ, the Trade Union of Education is a strong voice for those working in the education, training, and research sectors in Finland. We have over 120 000 members from early childhood education level to university lecturers.

01.06.2018 Blog
ISTP 2019 brings Ministers of Education and teacher union leaders to Finland

The Ministers of Education and teacher union leaders from the high-performing education countries meet in Finland next spring.

28.05.2018 News
Olli Luukkainen: A better future demands constant investment in education

Education is in the core of each civilized and progress striving nation, said Olli Luukkainen in his opening speech of the OAJ Council's spring meeting.

16.05.2018 News
The main contracting organizations of the university sector have accepted the conciliation proposal – all industrial action is cancelled

The feud regarding the collective bargaining at the university sector has been resolved and all industrial action has been cancelled.

06.03.2018 News
Integration Compass

OAJ sees internationality and multiculturalism as part of Finnish society and as an enriching component in the lives of Finnish people. That is why we have for years emphasised that education is the best integration policy. Even though it is a widely known and recognised fact, we still think Finland has not been able to take enough concrete measures to promote integration. That is why OAJ has devised the Integration Compass.

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