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OAJ is present in its members’ day-to-day lives. We continuously exert our influence to ensure that education, training and research professionals have the best possible conditions for the important work they do.

What does teaching involve?

A teacher’s task is to support and promote learning and competence development in children, adolescents and adults. Teachers support individuals’ growth as independent and responsible members of society. Teacher qualifications are prescribed by law to ensure a high level of competence.

Teaching work

Q & A on Covid-19 and education

How does the coronavirus affect the work of teachers and other OAJ members? We have put together a list of answers to your questions and concerns.

Q & A

Teachers' work

The education, training and research sector also needs leaders

Good leadership produces results and increases well-being at work. Being a manager or supervisor in a specialist field is one of the most challenging management tasks. OAJ plays a role in supporting this demanding work.

Managerial positions in the education sector

A teacher’s work is guided by professional ethics

Teaching is an independent profession and a demanding expert task that inherently involves professional ethics. The teaching profession requires that those working as a teacher comply with a high standard of professional ethics and that society can trust that teachers act ethically in all situations.

The ethical principles of teaching

Well-being at work is a priority!

Teachers who are well are guaranteed to thrive in their job. OAJ continuously works to ensure that education, training and research sector professionals enjoy a high level of well-being at work.

Teachers’ working conditions

Teachers as partners in education

Early childhood educators, teachers and principals act as education partners with children’s parents and guardians, and they support them in raising their children. Co-operation with the home is important so that children’s growth and learning proceed without a hitch.

Co-operation with the home

Day care centre daytrips

Daytrips are an important part of early childhood education provided by day care centres and are governed by the Act on Early Childhood Education and Care. A successful excursion with a child group begins with careful planning.

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