Thank you, Teacher!

If you had to name one teacher you will always remember, who would you name? One person at a time, teachers make futures for the whole country, whole world even. Let's show together how much the work and professionalism of teachers has contributed to what we have grown up to become. Let's say #ThankYouTeacher!

Teachers shape futures

The Trade Union of Education in Finland, OAJ

OAJ is the only labour market organisation that protects the interests of education, training and research sector professionals from early childhood education to adult education and training.

Shaping Futures – read and participate!

Teachers are tasked with shaping the future. They are creating the foundation for tomorrow’s world. Teachers do follow an agenda. They have committed themselves to significant values, such as education and fairness.   Read 11 stories about commitment and participate!

Shaping Futures

Your working conditions are under negotiations

OAJ-members’ collective agreements will end in on 31 March, 2020. OAJ will be negotiating a new agreement for 84,000 working members.

OAJ negotiates

Q & A on Covid-19 and education

How does the coronavirus affect the work of teachers and other OAJ members? We have put together a list of answers to your questions and concerns.

Q & A

Join the union!

As OAJ’s member you receive the most important benefit: advocacy. To join the union, you must work as an employee in the education, training or research sector. The union fee is determined based on your gross earnings, and it is tax deductible.

Join OAJ

Membership benefits

As OAJ’s member, you will receive many benefits in addition to representation – both in your work and your free time.

Membership benefits

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