Do you work as an employee in education or training or as an education sector expert or manager? Join OAJ!

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As our member you receive the most important benefit, which is advocacy. We also offer members several financial membership benefits.

All persons working in education or in corresponding work can join the union. To be eligible for membership you must work as an employee in education or training or as an education sector expert or manager. You can join the union regardless of your degree, training or title as a teacher.

Make sure you are represented in working life and join OAJ!

If you need help with the joining process in Finnish, please contact our membership services!

Join the union 

Who can join?

You can join OAJ if

  • you work as a teacher in the education and training sector or in a comparable job
  • you work as a principal or in another managerial position in the education and training sector
  • you are qualified to teach and you have a valid employment contract at the time of application
  • you are not qualified to teach and have an employment contract that is, for the most part, valid for one school semester
  • you are in charge of other tasks related to education, such as administration, planning or research

Early childhood education personnel eligible to become members are early childhood education teachers and persons with a degree in social education and social work who work as kindergarten teachers or as supervisors in day care.

A lack of teaching qualifications does not prevent membership. Foreign nationals can also be accepted as members.

Membership based on school or educational institution

Your membership is determined by the field of education and school in which you work or in which you have the most lessons on average. If your workplace or the majority of your lessons transfer permanently to another school, you must change to a new association accordingly.

You can join OAJ through the local association operating in your municipality or through one of its members associations. Almost every school, educational institution and day-care centre has an OAJ contact teacher or person, i.e. a member of one of OAJ’s associations, who will provide you with advice on joining the union.