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We serve our members using online enquiry forms, which is the easiest way to contact us. We also serve our members by phone.

Enquiry forms

You can contact OAJ using the enquiry forms. Although you are not required to log in to fill in enquiry forms, it is recommended. Logging in will automatically enter your contact details in the form, so you can use the opportunity to verify their accuracy.

After logging in, select the topic that your matter concerns. The form will then open up, and you can provide further details about your matter and fill in the required information.

Enquiry forms (in Finnish)

For members

Membership details and union fees, call: 0800 418 401

17.6.–16.8. Monday–Thursday 10:00–14:00.

At other times

Monday–Thursday 9:00–14:00

If you need to ask about your employment, wages and such, call: 0800 418 402

Weeks 23–31
Monday–Friday 9:00–11:00

At other times

Monday 10:00–11:00 and 14:00–16:00
Tuesday–Thursday 9:00–11:00 and 14:00–16:00
Friday 9:00–11:00 and 14:00–15:00

If you need legal advice, call: 0800 418 403

Weeks 23–31
Monday–Friday 10:00–11:00, no service during 12th–19th of July

At other times

Monday–Friday 10:00–11:00 and 14:00–15:00

Phone calls are free of charge.

Call charges to 0207-numbers

From Landline 8,35 cents /call+ 8,83 cents/min
From Mobile phone 8,35 cents /call + 22,32 cents/min


oaj@oaj.fi (general matters)
firstname.lastname@oaj.fi (personal e-mail addresses)

Teachers’ Unemployment Fund

Teachers’ Unemployment Fund serves OAJ members in matters related to, for instance, unemployment cover and job alternation compensation.

Teachers’ Unemployment Fund

For media

Communications contact persons, image bank and logos: For media.

OAJ's office

PO box:
PL 20
00521 Helsinki

Kellosilta 7
00520 Helsinki