OAJ has centralised the services for members in managerial positions to a service team for managers. The team has tailored services as well as develops them according to the managers’ needs to protect their own employment relationship and to support managerial work. The following experts can be contacted directly by our members in managerial positions:

The team is led by Niku Tuomisto, general education

Information on leadership is available on website section: Managerial positions in the education sector


Niku Tuomisto

Development Manager

020 748 9612 niku.tuomisto@oaj.fi @JNikuT

Erkki Mustonen

Leading Legal Counsel

020 748 9642 erkki.mustonen@oaj.fi @MustonenErkki


Nina Lahtinen

Director of Educational Policy

020 748 9639 nina.lahtinen@oaj.fi @LahtinenNina

Teija Golnick

Special Advisor, Working Life Advocacy

+358207489749 teija.golnick@oaj.fi


Timo Mäki

Special Advisor, Labour Market Advocacy

020 748 9616 timo.maki@oaj.fi @vaka_asiamies

Minna Vakkuri

Special Advisor, Labour Market Advocacy

020 748 9663 minna.vakkuri@oaj.fi @minnvak


Jens Mattfolk

Ombudsman, FSL

040 551 0023 jens.mattfolk@fsl.fi

Niku Tuomisto answers for general education issues, Erkki Mustonen for legal advice, Nina Lahtinen for education policy issues, Teija Golnick for working life services, Timo Mäki for early childhood education and Minna Vakkuri for vocational education and training. Contact Jens Mattfolk, if you work in a managerial position in general education in a swedish speaking school.