Teachers’ working conditions

Teachers’ working conditions are important to us. Teachers who are well are guaranteed to thrive in their job. OAJ continuously works to ensure that education, training and research sector professionals enjoy a high level of well-being at work.

Well-being at work is an experience born out of several factors. Signs of well-being at work are bursts of laughter and a positive mood, high-quality results and new development ideas and innovations. Well-being is not automatic, it is built together.

If working conditions are not good, the level of well-being at work falls. The greatest problems in teachers’ working conditions are fatigue at work, resource shortages and issues involving power and respect. Indoor air problems are a problem for many teachers.

OAJ is there for its members

OAJ demands that teachers’ working conditions be improved: when teachers are well, learners are well.

We constantly acquire information on teachers’ working conditions to be able to increase the well-being of both teachers and students. Based on the information we have acquired, we make proposals concerning, for example, teacher ratios, working hours and funding.

OSH supports members

OAJ supports its members’ well-being. Our advocacy of occupational safety and health (OSH) and well-being at work improves and develops the safety and health of day-care centres, schools and educational institutions.

It is important to us that all teachers have a safe and healthy work environment. This is why we promote OSH and co-operation at workplaces in the education, training and research sector.

Impactful advocacy

Our advocacy helps to achieve co-operation and OSH at workplaces in real time and interactively; embedding occupational safety and health in the education sector is at the heart of OAJ’s well-being at work advocacy.

OAJ has an extensive network of teacher OSH representatives. We actively train our OSH representatives to offer them the best tools for improving the working conditions of our members.

Well-being at work in the education sector is also founded on sound and fair employment contract terms, and OAJ is the only labour market organisation that negotiates the terms of teachers’ employment contracts.

OAJ’s ‘Pay, conditions & help’ web page supports members

Due to the importance of well-being at work, we advise our members and activist members in matters related to well-being and OSH.

Our ‘Pay, conditions & help’ page provides advice on issues involving OSH and a safe work environment. In addition, our members can use a template created by OAJ to submit an OSH report if they feel that there are shortcomings in working conditions.

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