The higher education system consists of universities and universities of applied sciences. The premise of university education is scientific research and higher education based thereon. Universities of applied sciences take a practical approach to education that reflects the needs of working life.

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees can be obtained in both forms of higher education, and in universities, also post-graduate degrees in science.

Could I be a university teacher?

University teachers are made up of experts in their field, most of whom have a background in research. The requirements for university teachers include, in addition to the appropriate degree, pedagogical training, diverse teaching and the skills to produce learning material.

University lecturers must have the appropriate degree, as well as the ability to provide quality, research-based teaching and to guide theses.

Teaching staff in universities of applied sciences are required to have, in addition to the appropriate degree, solid knowledge of their field as demonstrated by their work experience. Teachers must additionally complete pedagogical studies (60 credits).

Where does a higher education teacher work?

Higher education teachers work in universities and universities of applied sciences.

The work may also include work periods abroad.

How does one become a higher education teacher?

A university teacher is generally required to have the appropriate higher education degree. The tasks of a university lecturer require the appropriate PhD.

Pedagogical training for university teaching tasks is not yet required, but the situation is changing. In future, it may be recommended or even required that university teaching staff have pedagogical competence or qualifications.

The degree requirements for a principal lecturer and a part-time teacher at a university of applied sciences is the appropriate master’s degree. Principal lecturers are required to have a licentiate degree or a doctoral degree, completed as the appropriate post-graduate degree.

Principal lecturers, lecturers and part-time teachers whose teaching tasks mainly involve arranging vocational studies, are required to have at least three years of experience working in tasks corresponding to their degree. Teachers of core subjects have no work experience requirement.

Teaching in universities of applied sciences additionally requires pedagogical studies and competence.