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OAJ and FUURT meetings with university management – topics include the Government programme and attracting international talent

The aim of the university tour is to hear local viewpoints to support national advocacy work and to discuss current topics concerning academic working life with university management. The first shared university tour of the unions was organised two years ago.

11.09.2023 News
Lecturer in mathematics: Universities need to give teachers time to teach and conduct research

Mika Mattila, who works as a lecturer in mathematics at the University of Tampere, enjoys teaching, but is concerned about the well-being of colleagues and the workload that grows year after year. According to him, there is plenty of room for improvement in the ways and conditions of work. Excellence in the labour market can only be achieved if universities provide attractive jobs for teachers.

25.02.2022 News
Dramatic shift: Six in ten Finnish teachers are now considering career change

OAJ’s survey published today reports that well over half of Finnish teachers have considered career change. The most common reasons for considering career change were the burden of work, increased workload and wage level. The President of OAJ demands that politicians and employers realise the gravity of the situation and solve the problems pushing teachers away from the sector.

28.09.2021 News
The President of Finland’s greeting to all the teachers and learners

The President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, sends his thank you to every young person, teacher and staff member of every school, ECEC centre and other educational institution in his video greeting.

05.06.2021 News
The cooperation negotiations have been concluded – the University of the Arts made the positions of 80 teachers and researchers permanent

The Labour Court’s decision changed the fixed-term teaching task tradition. The duties of lecturers and professors included in the career-based system will also be made permanent.

26.03.2021 News
OAJ has chosen all Finnish teachers as Education Influencers of the year 2020 – exceptional circumstances have emphasised professional skills

OAJ's Executive Board has awarded the the Education Influencer of the year award to all Finnish teachers. Olli Luukkainen, the President of the OAJ, announced the recipients of the recognition at the teaching and education sector event Educa that was held online this year.

23.03.2021 News
Improvements needed in working conditions, work planning and salary issues

The survey reveals the views of YLL’s members on salaries, work loads and well-being at work. What is positive is that more than 70% of the members who responded enjoy their work, are satisfied with their own work, develop in their work and feel that their competence is getting stronger. There is, however, a lot that needs to be developed and improved in working conditions, work planning and salary issues. This becomes clear from the responses.

08.11.2019 Publication
What is hot this autumn in the Finnish education policy? Read an overview!

OAJ is an active influencer of education policy. Heljä Misukka, OAJ’s Director of Educational Policy, is currently attending The ETUCE Special Conference in Athens, Greece. Read up on the current issues of education policy in Finland.

26.11.2018 News
Teaching in higher education

The higher education system consists of universities and universities of applied sciences. The premise of university education is scientific research and higher education based thereon. Universities of applied sciences take a practical approach to education that reflects the needs of working life.

01.11.2018 Content page
The main contracting organizations of the university sector have accepted the conciliation proposal – all industrial action is cancelled

The feud regarding the collective bargaining at the university sector has been resolved and all industrial action has been cancelled.

06.03.2018 News