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Agreement for the private social services sector – Competitiveness Pact provisions removed and pay rises according to the general policy

The special regulations applicable to the working hours of early childhood education teachers and special teachers working at private daycare centres as well as the heads of daycare centres will remain nearly the same for the next two years.

29.06.2020 News
Video: 18 Finnish teachers reveal their superpowers

Nordic’s leading teaching and education sector event Educa brings over 500 guests from abroad to follow the whole new international programme. OAJ published a video in which 18 Finnish teachers reveal their superpowers.

24.01.2020 News
We need a shared vision of a better future and a long-term plan for funding education

I hope this ISTP has helped us all to understand, that the top countries in education have not attained their status by chance, but by investing in education and the teaching profession.

15.03.2019 Blog
What is hot this autumn in the Finnish education policy? Read an overview!

OAJ is an active influencer of education policy. Heljä Misukka, OAJ’s Director of Educational Policy, is currently attending The ETUCE Special Conference in Athens, Greece. Read up on the current issues of education policy in Finland.

26.11.2018 News
Co-operation with the home

Parents hold the primary responsibility for raising their children. In early childhood education, teachers act as the education partners of children’s parents and guardians, supporting them in the vital task of raising their child.

01.11.2018 Content page
Teaching in early childhood education and pre-school

The task of early childhood education teachers and preschool teachers is to support and promote the learning and competence development of children. This teaching work demands solid knowledge of early childhood education, development, learning and pedagogy.

01.11.2018 Content page
Overtime and shift-trading ban continues in private sector early childhood education

OAJ has decided to continue the overtime and shift-trading ban in private day-care centres.

17.10.2018 News
OAJ has initiated an overtime and shift-trading ban in private day-care centres

The overtime and shift-trading ban initiated by OAJ in private day-care centres began today, 8 October. The ban is in protest of the Finnish government’s intentions to weaken employees’ protection against dismissal in small companies.

08.10.2018 News
OAJ initiates an overtime and shift-trading ban 8th of October - 10 questions and answers

OAJ is initiating an overtime and shift-trading ban in private day-care centres on Monday, 8 October at 00.01 a.m. The political protest is in response to the Finnish government’s plan to weaken protection against dismissal in small businesses. Negotiations Director Petri Lindroos explains the situation.

01.10.2018 News