10 reasons to join OAJ


There are at least ten good reasons to join OAJ.

OAJ insures

As a member of OAJ, you will enjoy insurance cover during leisure travel and against accidents.

OAJ invigorates

OAJ membership entitles members to many monetary recreational benefits.

OAJ appreciates

OAJ defends teachers and fosters an appreciation for the teaching profession.

OAJ negotiates

OAJ negotiates the terms of pay and employment on your behalf.

OAJ trains and educates

OAJ actively trains and educates its members.

OAJ influences

OAJ influences education decisions at both the national and municipal level.

OAJ unites

OAJ offers teachers a community, peer support and interesting events.

OAJ advises

OAJ’s shop stewards and occupational safety and health representatives provide advice in problematic working-life situations.

OAJ brings security

OAJ assists and defends members if they encounter problems with their employer.

OAJ defends employees

As part of a trade union movement, OAJ is involved in making society a better place for employees.