Benefits for motorists

Use your membership card to get the discount. Always keep your card with you to ensure you get the most out of the benefits we offer. You can have a discount on renting a car or buying fuel.

Fuel for discount at St1-stations with the OAJ membership card 2020–2022

St1-stations and Shell-stations in Finland grant discounts for fuel with your new membership card  (excluding Shell Express stations).  By joining the St1-regulars program you can also receive special offers in HelmiSimpukka-shops. This new memberhip benefit is valid from 1st January 2020 until 31st  December 2022.

Remember to use your membership card when you buy fuel or products. The magnetic strip on the card activates the benefit. If you register your card on St1 web page, you'll get a surprise benefit and be the first to know about deals and campaigns. To register, just fill in the 16 digits (first digits are 708356)  on you card on the “Rekisteröi järjestökorttisi” field. 

Discount is also given for heating oil. Mention OAJ or your membership in OAJ when you place your order. Orders via St1 web page or by phone 0800 166 266.

Hertz benefits for Akava members

As a member of Akava, you can get as much as a 15 per cent discount if you rent a car from the Hertz car rental company. The discount is available in both Finland and abroad.

You can rent a car on the Hertz website, by phone at 0200 11 22 33 (0.75 EUR/min + local/mobile network fee) or from a travel agency. You can get the discount by mentioning the Akava contract code below when you rent a car.


Additional information for members