Take it easy! As a member, you can relax in Holiday Club locations and at OAJ’s own holiday destination in Valkeala. More affordable accommodation services are also available from our numerous partners.

Holiday Club

OAJ owns roughly 700 holiday weeks at Holiday Club’s world-class destinations in Finland and Åre, Sweden. These include both city holidays and skiing and activity holidays in several locations. As a member, you can book holidays at a Holiday Club at a price that is clearly lower than market prices: the weekly rentals are less than half the market price.

Holiday weeks can be reserved at the following locations: Himos, Pulkkajärvi in Kuusamo, Katinkulta, Saariselkä, Salla, Airisto, Kuusamo’s Tropiikki, Tahko, Tampere Spa, Saimaa Spa, Caribia Turku and Åre in central Sweden.

Renting is possible year-round, but since demand exceeds supply during school holiday weeks, those weeks are granted by a draw among all the applicants.

How to take advantage of the benefit

Book your holiday through Holiday Club’s Company Service, where you can also see detailed information about the holiday destinations, available weeks and the next scheduled draw. Log in to the service using the user ID codes below.

Additional information for members

Holiday week draw

If there are several applicants for the same holiday week, a draw will be held. In previous rounds, there have at times been two to three times more applicants than the weeks being offered, which means unfortunately you won’t always get the week of your choice. But your chances are still quite good!

After the draw has been held, any remaining weeks can be chosen freely by the members. Members can only book one holiday week at a time, and a member who has won the draw for a peak week must wait one year to participate in the draw again.

The following member groups can book OAJ’s Holiday Club weeks only after the draw has been held:

  • OAJ’s student members, i.e. members of the Teacher Student Union of Finland (SOOL)
  • Members of Retired Teachers in Finland (OSJ)


Head to Tirva for some R&R! The Tirva recreational area is located in Valkeala, Kouvola, some 20 km from the centre of Kouvola, towards Lappeenranta. The island of nearly 60 hectares has five fully equipped rental cottages, each accommodating two to six guests. The prices vary according to the size and type of cabin.

Tirva – address

Tirvantie 577
FI-46430 Tirva

Only one booking per member will be valid. This means you can only make a new booking after your previous booking has expired. You must bring your own bed linens and towels to Tirva.

Tirva rental cottages

Tirva’s rental cottages are available either from Friday to Sunday (2 days) or from Monday to Friday (4 days) The prices are reduced during weekdays that fall outside the holiday periods.

Rental cottages
  • Red cottage: two separate apartments, each with beds for four people
  • ‘Tehdas I’ cabin: apartment with beds for four people (pets are not allowed in Tehdas I)
  • ‘Tehdas II’ cabin: apartment with beds for six people
  • Forest cabin, apartment with beds for two people
Red cottage


Red cottage floor plan (PDF)

Tehdas cabin


Tehdas cabin floor plan (PDF)

Forest cabin

Forest cabin floor plan (PDF)



Members have access to the sauna at Tirva (Miilusauna).

How to take advantage of the benefit

You can book a cabin at Tirva through Holiday Club’s Company Service, where you can also see detailed information about the cabins and the available weeks. Log in to the service using the user ID codes below.

Additional information for members

Rental of Tirva’s other premises by associations

The buildings Päätalo and Kulmatalo at Tirva are only available for rent by OAJ’s associations.

Additional information for activist members


A-lomat offers members of the trade union Akava and their families holiday and recreational services that promote well-being. As a member of OAJ, you can take advantage of the following relaxing services offered by A-lomat:

Holiday rental cabins

A-lomat has time-shares in Himos, Jerisjärvi, Koppärö, Tahko, Punkaharju, Vuokatti, Ruka, Levi and Vierumäki, which it rents out. The cabins must be rented for one-week periods, and the prices are competitive.

More information about the holiday rental cabins and available weeks is provided on the Member+ website, where you can also conveniently book yourself a holiday.


Sokos Hotels

OAJ members get seasonally changing discount offers for leisure accommodation from Sokos Hotels. The new offers can be found on Sokos Hotels’ website. The discounted prices for OAJ members are only valid for bookings made through the Sokos Hotels website. The applicable hotels for 2023 include an interesting selection of attractive urban destinations.

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