As our member, you also receive reasonably priced life and accident insurance, which provide financial security if the worst happens.

OAJ has negotiated affordable life and accident insurance – Group Sampo Primus – for its members, allowing you to insure your whole family at a discount of as much as 60 per cent.

As a member, you can opt for the reasonably priced Primus accident insurance for children at a cost of roughly EUR 3 per month. The insurance cover is arranged by Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company. 

Read more about the insurance and take advantage of your membership benefits at You will additionally receive a 10 per cent internet discount on your first-year premiums. (in Finnish)

EUR 2,000 in survivors’ cover from Kaleva

Survivors’ cover (Selviytymisturva) is a free-of-charge additional benefit of Primus life and accident insurance that is available only to union members.

If the worst happens, a lump sum of EUR 2,000 in survivors’ cover is paid to the insured’s estate or beneficiary. The purpose of the survivors’ cover is to help cover the immediate costs related to the death of the insured person, such as funeral and estate inventory costs.

Kaleva (in Finnish)