In order for us to better advocate on your behalf in working life, be sure to keep your membership details up to date.

When your membership details are up to date, you avoid unnecessary reminders, and any mail and messages that OAJ sends you arrive at the correct address. Information, for instance, about changing employers, unpaid periods, the end of studies or the start of retirement is not automatically forwarded to OAJ's membership services.

Update your membership details when

  • your contact details change
  • you have unpaid periods
  • your employer or workplace changes
  • you graduate from school
  • you retire
  • you want to order a calendar

How to successfully update your membership details

You can conveniently update your membership details through the ’My Profile’ section.

When you log in, you can manage your union fees and, for example, grant authorisation to your employer to collect your union fees.

You make the best use of your trade union by logging in to OAJ’s website. Logging in also gives you access to other content that can only be accessed by members, so it’s worth it!

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