You should join OAJ immediately when you begin your first job in the training, education or research sector.

If you have graduated as a teacher and have found a job in the field of training, education or research, you can apply for OAJ membership.

You can also join OAJ while studying if you work as a substitute teacher for at least one school semester.

How can I join OAJ?

If you are a member of SOOL when you graduate, apply for official OAJ membership by filling in the online membership form.

You can also become an official member of OAJ by filling in the printed membership form. The forms are available from the contact teacher at your school or from your association’s membership affairs clerk.

If you are transferring to OAJ as a member of SOOL, your SOOL membership will end automatically. If, for example, you begin further studies while you are a member of OAJ, you can no longer become a member of SOOL.

If you are already a member of the Teachers' Unemployment Fund, you must also pay the membership fee for the month in which you resign. This is to ensure that your membership continues without interruptions.

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