If you are retiring, you must notify OAJ’s membership services yourself. You can submit notification of your retirement using the form on this page.

When your OAJ membership ends, you can join Retired Teachers in Finland (OSJ). OAJ will pay your membership fee for the first year, and the year after that, you can decide whether you wish to continue your membership.

If you do not wish to remain a member of OSJ, you must contact OAJ's membership services.

Submit notification of your retirement using the change notification form. Only logged-in users can fill in this form.


Substitute teaching while retired

If you work as a substitute teacher while you are retired, ask the payroll accountant for your authorisation form back, so that you no longer pay union fees to OAJ.

If you substitute for longer periods during your retirement, think about whether you should have, for instance, indemnity insurance. As a member of OSJ, you have access to a certain number of OAJ services, subject to a separate fee.

How can I get the package and what does it include?

Contact OAJ’s membership services to get your service package. The price of the package is EUR 75 per semester, and it includes the following services:

  • professional indemnity and legal expenses insurance
  • advocacy advice
  • legal services related to work tasks

Contact us!

Insurance for retired teachers

Please note that your insurance benefits that were included in OAJ’s union fee end when you retire. If you wish to continue the insurance after you retire, please contact the insurance company Turva prior to your retirement.

Our ‘Pay, conditions & help’ web page offers you useful tips as well as information on retiring.

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