Notify the membership services if you are not being paid or if you are unemployed during the summer and you will begin working for the same employer in the autumn.

Your union fee can be reduced during unpaid periods. The bank transfer forms for making the payments are available from the membership services. Liberal adult education teachers must also notify the membership services of their unpaid months and can pay reduced union fees for those periods.

During the unpaid summer period, teachers can perform other work that does not involve teaching. Union fees must be paid on summertime wages, so be sure to contact the membership services in order to receive the bank transfer forms. If you are returning to the employ of your former employer after an unpaid summer period, check your payslip to make sure that your union fees are once again being deducted.

Exceptional union fees

How can I submit notice of changes?

You can submit notice of the interruption of summertime pay, job alternation leave or some other fully unpaid period to the membership services using either the change notification form, the contact details and membership information change form found in Opettaja magazine.

Only logged-in users can fill in the online change notification form.

Fill in the change notification form (the form is in Finnish)Contact us!