OAJ negotiates

OAJ is conducts negotiations on employment conditions concerning all teachers, such as salaries and working hours. OAJ negotiates on the national level with each employer group, and formulates universally binding, separate employment contracts. There are 9 agreement sectors in total. The terms of employment of each individual teacher group are agreed separately and vary from group to group.

OAJ is negotiating a new collective agreement for 84,000 working OAJ-members.

OAJ has been preparing for negotiations together with OAJ’s various associations and committees. Member participation in member survey and member meetings has been an important part of the preparations.

Negotiation goals

OAJ’s executive Board decided on negotiation goals in December.

OAJ’s objective in the upcoming negotiations is to reach agreement on a salary programme that improves the competitiveness of salaries of the teaching, educational and research personnel in relation to the general level of salaries of the private sector.

We also demand salary increases that are at least in line with the general policy of the upcoming agreement period. The increasingly challenging work of teachers and their level of education must be reflected better in the salaries and other conditions of the employment contract.

More information on the negotiations on all our channels mostly in Finnish:

You can participate in the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #oajneuvottelee.

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