Are you graduating as a teacher? Take a look at the employment terms of your new profession at our briefings for recent graduates. We organise briefings annually.

Teacher training localities organise OAJ briefings for recent graduates each spring.

The purpose of the briefings is to provide teachers transferring to working life with up-to-date information on applying for work, salaries, joining OAJ, membership benefits and regional and local associations’ activities.

The events are organised by OAJ’s regional associations together with the local student teacher association of the Teacher Student Union of Finland (SOOL).

Next briefing for recent graduates

For more information about the next briefing for recent graduates in your area, please contact your SOOL member association or OAJ’s regional association. The dates for the briefings will also be added to SOOL’s calendar.



How to sign up for our training programmes

Log in and go to the ‘Profile’ section on Logging in takes place with your membership number, email address or mobile phone number, and a password.

Choose tab ’Kurssit ja ilmoittautuminen’ (Courses and signing up) to browse all OAJ’s training programmes. Please take a moment to check your membership details are up to date.