Are you a young teacher? Network with other professionals and gain insight into your field. Our NOPE training is tailored to meet the needs of young teachers.

NOPE training (NOPE is a portmanteau of the Finnish words “young teachers”) is a break from day-to-day work at day-care centres, schools and educational institutions. The training allows you to interact with other teachers who are just starting out, provides you with tools for coping, information on pay issues, employment terms and responsibility issues in your sector.

The training takes place between April and May and between September and November in ten regions. OAJ’s local NOPE trainers, who are themselves young teachers, are responsible for the training. In pay issues, the training is often carried out by OAJ’s local activist members.

Target group

Young teachers, i.e. OAJ members who are under 35 or have less than five years of teaching experience. SOOL’s graduating members can participate in the course if there is room.


Twenty-six participants will be accepted to the course in the order of registration. The final day for registration is four weeks before the course. Your training region is determined by the location of your workplace. You can only participate in NOPE training once.


How to sign up for our training programmes

Log in and go to the ‘Profile’ section on Logging in takes place with your membership number, email address or mobile phone number, and a password.

Choose tab ’Kurssit ja ilmoittautuminen’ (Courses and signing up) to browse all OAJ’s training programmes. Please take a moment to check your membership details are up to date.