We annually arrange pedagogical seminars on current themes and sectors.

OAJ invites the participants to the seminars. The seminars take place in Helsinki.

Seminars for representatives of pedagogical teacher organisations (POE)

The seminars feature expert speakers on education policy and pedagogy, as well as OAJ’s experts from different sectors, and they provide information on ongoing reforms. The seminars also promote the mutual collaboration between pedagogical organisations and communication with OAJ.

Target group

Two representatives per member organisation appointed by OAJ’s member organisations and other invitees, which are decided by OAJ and POE.

Adult education and training seminar

The seminar deals with current and future education and labour policy issues. The aim is to spark a dialogue on the chosen themes, come up with new ideas and share good practices for use in the field and in OAJ’s education policy advocacy.

Target group

Adult education and training teachers with an OAJ background, teaching staff in vocational adult education and training, upper secondary schools for adults and liberal adult education and training, who are invited based on the recommendation of OAJ’s member association.

Early childhood education seminar

The objective of the event is to develop the advocacy of early childhood education policy nationally and locally and to strengthen education policy dialogue and teachers’ role in early childhood education at the regional and local level.

Target group

OAJ’s regional and local activist members (1–2 people/association) who are responsible for advocacy for early childhood education policy. OAJ sends invitations to the associations’ presidents and administrators, who then forward them.

University seminar

A university seminar arranged by OAJ and YLL that addresses current education policy and advocacy-related university issues.

Furthermore, the university seminar promotes societal interaction and the prominence of the education and research sector among decision-makers and opinion leaders.

Target group

University teachers, lecturers and stakeholder representatives.


How to sign up for our training programmes

Log in and go to the ‘Profile’ section on lex.oaj.fi. Logging in takes place with your membership number, email address or mobile phone number, and a password.

Choose tab ’Kurssit ja ilmoittautuminen’ (Courses and signing up) to browse all OAJ’s training programmes. Please take a moment to check your membership details are up to date.