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We want to provide our members with the best possible service, which is why we have created services that enable easy online dealings with OAJ.

OAJ’s website provides extensive information about the organisation’s operations, membership and membership benefits, as well as information about the education, training and research sector in general and education policy. In addition, the ‘Pay, conditions & help’ page provides assistance if you have any questions concerning working life.

Some of the services require logging in, which takes place via the login window at the top right-hand corner of the page. When you log in to OAJ’s website, you can, for example, update your personal information, order a calendar or authorise your employer to deduct your union fees from your pay.

The following web services require logging in:

You do not have to log in to fill in enquiry forms, but it is recommended.

Enquiry forms (the forms are in Finnish)

Make the best use of our services by logging in as a member

As a member, you can make use of content that is only visible to logged-in users. For example, membership-benefit campaign codes are only available to logged-in members. Information for members is a key benefit of OAJ membership – see more as a logged-in member!

You can see all the services that are available to you on the online services’ new desktop view, where you can also easily reset your password.

Online services desktop