Online forms

As an OAJ member, you can use an online form to submit any changes regarding your membership. Becoming a member is also easy to do online. We serve our members using online enquiry forms, which is the easiest way to contact us.

When you submit changes using an online form, your information is available immediately. If you join OAJ via the website, you can take advantage of the wide array of membership benefits almost straight away.

Using the online forms, you can:

  • join OAJ
  • submit notification of a change in your contact details, employer or association
  • inform us if you take parental leave, job alternation leave, some other form of unpaid leave, become unemployed or retire
  •  notify us of your current positions of trust or of any changes in your positions of trust
  • contact OAJ

Any questions about union fees

Union fees

Membership application form

Fill in the membership application form if you are joining OAJ as a new member or if you are transferring your membership from SOOL to OAJ.

Fill in the membership application form

Transfer application form

Use the transfer application form if your employer and/or workplace changes, your local association/teachers’ association changes or you wish to authorise the automatic deduction of your union fees from your pay.

If you change workplaces, but your employer remains the same, submit notice of your new workplace directly to the membership services.

Only logged-in users can fill in this form.

Fill in the transfer application form (the form is in Finnish)Contact us!

Change notification form

Using the change notification form, you can change your contact details or submit notification of an unpaid period (maternity leave, parental leave, child-care leave, job alternation leave). Your union fees will be lower during unpaid periods.

Only logged-in users can fill in this form.

Fill in the change notification form (the form is in Finnish)

Notification of retirement

You can use the form below to submit notification of your retirement. Submit the notification once your retirement decision is final. Only logged-in users can fill in this form.

When you retire, be sure to also inform the payroll accounting department and cancel the automatic deduction of your union fees.

Submit notification of your retirement (the form is in Finnish)

Enquiry forms

You can contact OAJ using the enquiry forms. Although you are not required to log in to fill in enquiry forms, it is recommended. Logging in will automatically enter your contact details in the form, so you can use the opportunity to verify their accuracy.

After logging in, select the topic that your matter concerns. The form will then open up, and you can provide further details about your matter and fill in the required information.

Fill in the enquiry form