Books and magazine subscriptions

OAJ members get discounts from several publishing companys. You can buy books or subscribe magazines at a lower price.

In addition to continuous benefits, we offer our members varying short-term benefits.

Use your membership card to get the discount. Always keep your card with you to ensure you get the most out of the benefits we offer.


Bookstore Werner&Jarl offers a discount of 30 per cent on books in its webshop.  You must use a campaign code in order to get the discount.  The campaign code is valid until 31st December 2022.

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Discounts from Sanoma Media

As a member of OAJ, you can receive discounts on Sanoma Media Finland magazine subscriptions.  You can place an order for yourself or as a gift.  If you subscribe Sanoma Lifestyle magazines, the discount is 40 per cent and and 30 per cent on Kid Media magazines. The discount is applied to the price of a 12-month subscription.

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Fifteen per cent discount on Oppi&ilo’s online store

The Oppi&ilo online store offers OAJ members a perpetual 15 per cent discount on all products sold on the website.

Sanoma Pro’s Oppi&ilo series of products was created by a joyful team of learning professionals whose goal is to encourage independent discovery, the joy of learning and active engagement in children. Oppi&ilo games and activity cards and books can be used at home, at work stations, in differentiated instruction and in other shared learning moments in the classroom.


Take advantage of the benefit for yourself or in your teaching work! Use the discount code below to get the discount.

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Discounts on Otavamedia magazine subscriptions

As a member of OAJ, you can receive discounts on Otavamedia magazine subscriptions. The discount is applied to the price of a 12-month subscription, and it can only be used on new orders. You can place an order for yourself or as a gift.

You can order a magazine either by phone at (09) 156 665 (Mon–Fri, 8am–5pm) or directly on Otavamedia’s website. The website will request a business ID/discount code. Use the discount code below to get the discount.


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Discount at Book publishing house Siltala’s online shop

OAJ offers its members a 40% discount on the selection of book publishing house Siltala’s online shop. As a special benefit, we have last year’s fiction Finlandia winner, Iida Rauma’s novel Hävitys at the price of EUR 6.90 + postage.

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