Education sector policy

OAJ is an active influencer of education policy. In addition to representing the interests of teachers, our activities are rooted in the development of education, training and research. We influence education policy both nationally and internationally, and we take a stand on policies that concern education reform.

These are some of the matters we influence

Finland’s education and training system

Finnish education is world class. OAJ continuously works to safeguard an equal and free system of education and training.

We stress lifelong learning, which means every step of education, from early childhood education to adult education and training, is important.

Our goal is for all Finns to attend upper secondary school and for as many as possible to obtain a higher education qualification or degree.

Equality in education

Finland has long been considered a model of education equality, but unfortunately that is no longer the case.

The quality of education and training must not be dependent on one’s place of residence, language or background, which is why OAJ works on behalf of equal education. We continuously make proposals on, for instance, cost-free education and training, the targeting of funding and the development of learning opportunities.

Support for learning and attending school

According to the Basic Education Act, which was amended in 2010, pupils are provided with general, enhanced or regular support in learning and attending school. OAJ has studied how the legislative reform has affected the work of education and training personnel and the support received by learners.

The results indicate that the learning support measures safeguarded by law for preschool and basic education pupils are not being realised due to major shortcomings in the arrangement of support. The biggest shortcomings are related to money, the arrangement of special education and the growth in teachers’ workload.

We demand sufficient support for learning and for attending school – we have made several proposals that would enable the provision of support for preschool and basic education pupils as stipulated in legislation.

Training for immigrants

Internationalism and different languages and cultural backgrounds enrich Finnish society and the lives of Finns. That is why OAJ has highlighted for many years now that education is the best form of integration.

The Finnish school system must support flexible and personalised education paths for immigrants. Our objective is to decrease young immigrants’ exclusion from education and to increase their rate of employment. Education and language proficiency promote employment, and OAJ works to ensure that sufficient financial resources are allocated to educating immigrants.