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Guidebook for OAJ members working in higher education

If you are a teacher or researcher working at a university or university of applied sciences, OAJ is the trade union for you! The operations and structure of OAJ are described in brief in our Member Guide and in more detail on OAJ's website. We recommend reading the Member Guide and this guide together.

06.09.2021 Publication
Member Guide

Union membership protects you in the working life. As a member, you are not left alone when you need help or advice. You have the support of our community of 116,000 members.

01.06.2021 Publication
OAJ's membership is worthwhile

By paying a few hundred euros, you get membership benefits worth thousands of euros.

21.05.2021 Content page
Other benefits

A discount of fabrics or furniture? Get your code here and check your benefits.

15.01.2021 Content page
Member+ benefits

Member+ is a joint member benefit for Akava’s affiliates. As a OAJ member all Member+ benefits are available for you.

12.10.2020 Content page
Benefits for motorists

02.12.2019 Content page
Recreational activities

Discount on the entry ticket to the Finnish National Gallery.

02.12.2019 Content page
Health and wellbeing

Use your membership card to get the discount. Always keep your card with you to ensure you get the most out of the benefits we offer.

02.12.2019 Content page
Books and magazine subscriptions

OAJ members get discounts from several publishing companys. You can buy books or subscribe magazines at a lower price.

01.11.2018 Content page
Long-distance travel and the International Teacher Identity Card

Dreaming of an adventure abroad? OAJ members receive a discount on long-distance trips through KILROY and on the ITIC card.

31.10.2018 Content page