Two-day strike of the private social service sector starts on Tuesday 23 May

22.05.2023 - 14:26 News

The mediation did not yield a solution on Monday 22 May. The strike affects some of the private daycare centres.

The private social services sector is on strike on 23-24 May. The strike applies to all work done in the early childhood education centres of the following companies: 

  • Verkanappulat    
  • Pilke Päiväkodit  
  • Norlandia Suomi  
  • Touhulan päiväkodit
  • Sateenkaari Koto 

 The strike concerns the private social services sector collective agreement i.e. the work both teaching staff and supervisors. 

OAJ defends its members 

OAJ participates the strike to defend the position of early childhood education teachers  and supervisors., because the employer’s salary offer does not meet the goals. 

The salaries of early childhood education teachers, special education teachers and supervisors  working in the private sector must not lag behind the salaries of the municipal sector. 

The  negotiations for the private social services sector with Finnish Association for Private Care Providers (Hyvinvointiala ry.) were interrupted on  without result on Friday April  28. The collective agreement ended on March 30 and the non-contractual status began. The main negotiators have looked for a solution under the guidance of the mediator in May, for the last time on 22 May, but no agreement has been reached.  

 OAJ always wants to achieve agreements primarily through negotiation, but now a strike is the only option.

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Frequently asked questions

How to act during the strike or how do I apply for strike allowance? Read the strike FAQ. 

In addition, the overtime and shift change ban is valid in the private social services sector until 30 May. Read more here