Co-operation procedure

The co-operation procedure is a negotiation between the employer and the employees that aims to develop how the workplace operates and employees’ opportunities to influence decisions that concern them.

The co-operation procedure is laid down in legislation. Typical matters addressed in co-operation procedures are, e.g., employee training, privacy-protection issues, principles of recruitment, occupational safety and health, equality, terminations or lay-offs affecting one or more people, and decisions affecting work arrangements.

Who takes part in co-operation procedures?

The negotiations take place between the representative of the personnel group and the employer. The employees are usually represented by the shop steward.

A co-operation procedure matter that concerns an individual employee is handled between the person in question and his/her supervisor. The employee may, however, request the presence of a shop steward or OSH representative.

How does the co-operation proceed?

Before a co-operation matter is resolved, the employer must negotiate its grounds, impacts and alternatives, at least with the employees whom the matter concerns.

The employer must issue a written proposal for negotiations at the latest five days prior to the commencement of the negotiations if the employer is considering serving notice of termination, lay-offs or reducing a contract of employment to a part-time contract. The proposal must include the starting time and place of the negotiations and an outline of the suggested agenda for the negotiations.

The objective of the negotiations is to reach a consensus, although the employer always has the final say in the matter.

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