OAJ at your service

Still looking for answers? Your shop steward and the experts working at the OAJ office will help and support you in different working-life situations.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the solution! OAJ is here to help you in different life situations, and in many cases, problems can be resolved locally at the workplace. Find the right expert.

Ask your shop steward for help

Shop stewards represent the trade union and its employee-members at the workplace. As a member of OAJ, the shop steward at your workplace is there to help you. The shop steward promotes the interests of the employees he/she represents and ensures that the workplace complies with collective agreements and laws.

The shop steward forwards information and makes sure that employees receive the support they need in the face of changes or problems in working life. Problems are often solved together with the shop steward!

Your shop steward will help you in the following matters, for instance:
  • working hours and pay
  • employment contract conditions
  • leave of absence
  • temporary employment
  • warnings, terminations and lay-offs

OSH representative can help

The occupational safety and health (OSH) representative represents all workers in issues involving the employer and labour protection authorities. The representative is familiar with the work environment and factors related to the work community that affect employees’ health and safety.

The OSH representative represents all employees at the workplace. If there are any problems related to occupational safety or health at your workplace, you should turn to your OSH representative.

Your OSH representative will help you in the following matters, for instance:
  • work well-being and coping at work
  • occupational safety
  • stress
  • occupational health-care

Local association at your service

If the municipality where you are employed makes local agreements that only concern teachers, the local association president has signed those agreements.

If you have any questions about local agreements in the municipality where you work, your local association can help you.

Your local association will help you in the following matters, for instance:
  • education and training resources
  • local education matters
  • initiatives for developing OAJ’s activities
  • organisational activities
  • membership matters
  • matters related to the organiser network
  • school closures

OAJ’s office is here to help

If a problem cannot be resolved with the help of a shop steward, OSH representative or local association, you can turn to the experts at the OAJ office. In legal matters, especially, it is a good idea to contact OAJ’s lawyers directly.

We serve our members by phone and online.

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