Sick leave

Absences due to illness, doctors’ appointments, workplace accidents and falling ill while on holiday.

Notify your employer if you fall ill or if an illness is preventing you from working. Submit the notice without delay – taking the circumstances into consideration, of course.

If you fall ill, request sick leave from your employer. Sick leave must be granted if the conditions for it are met. Present your employer with a doctor’s note, if such is required. Enquire about the sick leave policy at your workplace.

Usually, a doctor’s note must be delivered within one week from the date it is signed, otherwise your first day of sick leave is unpaid. You will not, however, lose your pay if there is an acceptable reason for its delay.

Pay during sick leave

Pay during sick leave depends on your collective agreement and on the type and duration of your employment relationship.

Your shop steward will help you figure out your sick-leave pay.

Workplace accidents

A workplace accident is a sudden, unforeseen incident that is caused by an outside force and which results in an injury to an employee.

Inform your employer immediately if you have a workplace accident.

Doctors’ visits and other health-care matters

The rule of thumb is that doctors’ appointments and examinations take place outside of working hours, and for teachers, outside of their lessons. There are a few special circumstances that are mentioned separately in the agreement provisions, whereby a doctor’s visit is considered work time or paid time off, during which time working hours may fall short of the normal amount.

Locally it is also possible to agree on a better procedure, whereby the employer grants leave from work during working hours for a specific examination or medical procedure.

Falling ill during a summer break

Teachers do not need to file a request to take a leave of absence if they fall ill during a summer break or other non-teaching periods.

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