The end of employment

Period of notice and grounds for termination, lay-offs and termination of a trial period.

Period of notice and grounds for termination

The period of notice of termination is determined by the employment contract, the duration of employment and the person who is terminating the employment relationship. Your shop steward will help explain the period of notice to you.

If you resign, you are not required to state the grounds for your resignation. You should draw up a written notice of resignation that includes the date, your name and personal details as well as the announcement of your resignation. Give the notice to your employer or supervisor in person.

If the employer gives notice of the termination of a permanent public-service employment relationship or contractual employment relationship or a temporary public-service employment relationship before the fixed period expires, there must always be legal grounds for it.

The employer can terminate an employment relationship only where there are serious grounds for it. Grounds for termination usually fall into the categories of financial or production reasons, or reasons related to the individual, such as neglect of job duties.


Lay-offs refer to the temporary interruption of work and pay, with the employment relationship remaining in force.

Although teachers can be laid off for production or financial reasons, OAJ stresses that lay-offs cannot be a cost-saving measure.

If you hear that your municipality/workplace is planning lay-offs, immediately contact the president of your local association, your chief shop steward or shop steward to enable early intervention in the decision-making. They will contact the OAJ office.

Termination of a trial period

A trial period may be applied at the start of an employment relationship. During the trial period, both parties may terminate the public-service employment relationship or contractual employment relationship with immediate effect.

If you are a local government officer or employee, you are not required to present grounds for terminating a trial period. The employer must justify a decision to terminate a trial period.

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