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Membership details of a retiring teacher

If you are retiring, you must notify OAJ’s membership services yourself. You can submit notification of your retirement using the form on this page.

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Graduating as a teacher

You should join OAJ immediately when you begin your first job in the training, education or research sector.

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Unpaid periods

Notify the membership services if you are not being paid or if you are unemployed during the summer and you will begin working for the same employer in the autumn.

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Changing employers and workplaces

Are you changing employers? If you change employers, remember to fill in a new authorisation form for the automatic deduction of your union fees right at the start of your employment.

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Keep your membership details up to date

In order for us to better advocate on your behalf in working life, be sure to keep your membership details up to date.

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Senior membership

As a retiring member, you can join the Retired Teachers in Finland (OSJ), OAJ’s special organisation for seniors.

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Student membership

Teacher students can join the Teacher Student Union of Finland (SOOL), which is OAJ’s special student union.

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Dual membership

Dual membership allows you to take advantage of the benefits and services offered by two trade unions.

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Union fees

The union fee is determined based on your gross earnings, and it is tax deductible.

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Executive Board

OAJ’s Council elects the union’s Executive Board and president for two years at a time.

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