Be safe – our members are insured with several good insurance policies.

As a member of the union, you are insured during leisure travel, at work and in association tasks, as well as against accidents, and the best thing about it is that the insurance is included in your OAJ union fees. Your insurance number is on your membership card.

OAJ members are insured with Turva Mutual Insurance Company. The insurance is explained in greater detail on the section of Turva’s website tailored for OAJ members.

You can also make use of Turva insurance on your mobile device. Download the TaskuTurva app and your insurance cover and travel insurance card will be with you at all times.

Turva’s web pages for OAJ members (in Finnish)TaskuTurva app (in Finnish)

Insurance cover during leisure travel, at work, in association tasks and against accidents

As an OAJ member, you are entitled to Turva’s travel insurance, luggage and travel liability insurance, accident insurance, professional indemnity and legal expenses insurance and union insurance.

What does the insurance cover?

The travel insurance covers costs arising from travel illnesses and accidents. The insurance also covers children travelling with the insured member who are under the age of 20 and live in the same household as the member.

The insurance furthermore covers the member’s grandchildren and his/her spouse’s children under the age of 20.The travel insurance additionally covers crisis situations, such as a terrorist attack or natural disaster. In such a situation, the insurance covers the costs of returning home early.

Luggage insurance covers material damage that takes place during travel.

Accident insurance covers the damage caused by an accident.

Professional indemnity insurance covers personal and material damage related to the member’s job.

Legal expenses insurance covers the costs of legal representation and legal fees in litigation and criminal matters related to an employment relationship, and in matters handled as an administrative procedure or an administrative judicial matter. If an accident occurs and you need legal protection, contact OAJ’s lawyers first.

We have taken out union insurance for our members to cover, for instance, personal and material damage that occurs during OAJ’s or a member association’s conference and training events.

Travel insuranceLuggage and travel liability insuranceAccident insuranceProfessional indemnity and legal expenses insuranceUnion insurance

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